What is “Healthy Eating” Mean Now a Days Anyways


So, What Is Healthy Eating?

For many people, reading the title of this article might not make much sense to them at all.

The reason why it might not make much sense to them at all is because everyone believes that they know what healthy eating is. The truth is that there is no single one healthy diet for everyone. Everyone’s body is different so the perfect diet for someone might be completely different for another person. Even in families not everyone will thrive on the same diet. Some people just have different requirements and their body reacts to macro-nutrients in different ways.

So the goal is to find the perfect diet for you. Your version of healthy eating might be different than another person. Do not take this title and what we are saying to mean that you can eat anything that you want and call it a healthy diet because that is not what we’re saying. What we will have to do is to establish a few fundamentals of healthy eating and people can discover their perfect diet around those fundamentals. We have to be careful not to give people ‘carte blanche’ to call anything the perfect diet or healthy diet.


Whole Foods

The first realization that we have to come to is that to eat a healthy diet you need to eat whole foods. You need to eat foods that have not been processed, they do not have high amounts of sodium, unique foods that are natural to the earth and that are grown in a way that makes them healthy. This can mean that one person’s perfect healthy diet would be a vegan diet and the other person might eat meat. But the underlying factor that brings all healthy eating together is that you must eat large amounts of vegetables and food must be natural.

Carbohydrates & Protein

With this in mind you need to find out how your body reacts to different forms of eating. One thing that we all know is that the human diet requires three major macro-nutrients. The first being carbohydrates, the second one being fat and the third one being protein. Those are the major nutrients that you must have. You might find that you do well on a very high carbohydrate diet while other people might find a high-protein diet is perfect for them and then other people do well on a high-fat diet. It really depends on you as an individual.

If you follow the various diet fads each of these macro-nutrients have been represented either as heroes or enemies.

At one time we were told that fat is the big enemy, at one time we were told that protein was the Savior and at other times we have been told that carbohydrates will make you fat. The truth is that all of the above is not universally true and it is only true in certain circumstances. It is possible to have a diet with an overabundance of one of those macro-nutrients and still be healthy but you have to eat that way in a very specific manner and it has to be natural foods that are healthy to you.

So ultimately how to eat healthy? It really depends on how your body responds to different types of food. It depends on which macro-nutrients work best with your body and in what quantity and ratio. It all depends on your food coming from healthy sources, it must be natural and eating enough vegetables and fruits so that your body will be healthy.

It is about experimentation and it is about common sense.

A lot of what you think you know or have heard may also be untrue …

Mix all of those ingredients perfectly and you have the perfect healthy diet for you.