Suffering Anxiety? Learn 10 Ways To Combat It!


Suffering Anxiety? Learn 10 Ways To Combat It!

Anxiety is something that people can not likely avoid completely, as certain moments and situations in life lead to it from time to time. However, if it is something that hits you frequently, hits you very hard when it does happen, or feels like a perpetual state of mind, then you have anxiety issues that simply must be addressed.

10 simple ways you can fight off or prevent anxiety …

Open mail once a week

Urgent mail is usually obvious and you can deal with it when it arrives. Other than that, save it all up and deal with it all at once in a dedicated afternoon or evening where you not only open bills but also plan out what to do about them.

Take a vacation

Most Americans don’t do this enough, or at all. Count up your vacation hours and plan a trip.

Make sure your days off actually are ‘days off’

If a vacation is not possible right now, be sure you actually take your days off mentally as much as physically. While some errands and household chores only happen on days off, make sure you have some fun in there too. Get out of town for the day if you can to truly ‘turn off’ your mind from focusing on stress. Some days off can be worse for anxiety if you feel like you can’t get anything work-related done.

Revisit your social life

Try to spend an extra night or two with friends and family you love each week. Love and laughter for a few hours can make you feel grounded, accepted, and safer.

Track your actual sleep hours

You might convince yourself that if you get through the day without a nap that you’re getting enough sleep, but that is actually not true. See if you can add an hour or two to your normal sleep cycle and see how less anxious you might feel the next day.


Find something that breaks a sweat and is fun to do. Your anxiety might tell you that you need to train for a marathon and lose fifty pounds, but in fact, anything enjoyable that you do 20 minutes most days is enough to burn off some of the mental fog that anxiety creates.


Anxiety makes it all to easy to reach for comforting foods, such as fast foods, or fatty and sugary foods. Eating with anxiety can also mean indigestion or gastrointestinal issues that cause even more anxiety. Eat slowly and calmly, and choose warm, wet, soothing foods like soups or casseroles to help quiet the body and mind. Avoid too much caffeine if it agitates you.

Check into your employee benefits

If you have the financial resources to reach out to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other counselor and begin work with them, then by all means explore this if you are open to it. It’s among the most effective treatments for anxiety out there. However, if it does not look affordable, check your insurance or your employee assistance benefits for the possibility of financial assistance in such matters.

Join a support group

You might find a support group online or a real world one through your house of worship. Surrounding yourself with those going through similar things helps out a lot in easing the alienation and loneliness that anxiety often instills in a person.

Talk to your doctor

You might think of your doctor as someone who only treats the physical body, but given the physical effects anxiety can have on a person, there’s actually quite a bit your physician can do for you. From prescription medications to referrals to professionals you can work with, this is one appointment that can change your life.

The effects of anxiety take their toll on both your body and mind over time. Your ability to cope with stress goes down, as does the efficiency and effectiveness of your immune system. Your heart rate and blood pressure go up, and the number you see on your weight scales might rise too if you use eating as a crutch. Prevent all this by using the 10 ways this article lists to fight, prevent, or manage your anxiety.