Senior Health and Dental Care

Seniors Need Good Oral Hygiene Too!

After retirement many folks start to cut back on their daily grooming and beauty habits. From going makeup free to wearing slippers all day, there are plenty of benefits associated with retiring. While this is all well and good, problems can arise when health is impacted by the behavior. Neglecting oral hygiene can create problems, even in your senior years.

senior dental health

If you find yourself in this boat, take heart. You are not alone. However, that doesn’t mean that you should remain there. If you do, you are putting your mouth and general health at risk.

One of the reasons that this occurs is that seniors often don’t have the demanding schedule that they had when still in the workforce. If you don’t have a set time to brush your teeth in the morning, make one. Even if you don’t intend to go beyond the mailbox all day, you can still wash your face and brush your teeth. Doing so will help you feel refreshed and add routine to your day.

Likewise, you need to have a time in the evening when you brush as well. This can be directly after dinner or before bedtime. Either way, use the clock to tell you when to brush. Otherwise, you might be prone to forget it.

Don’t forget about flossing while you are at it. Un-waxed floss is usually the ideal choice. Waxed floss doesn’t always remove tiny particles. Choose floss with a minty flavor to make the process more enjoyable.

Although you might think that your oral health is not that big of a concern, you can still get cavities, gingivitis and experience other problems as a result of neglect.

You certainly don’t want to find yourself in the dentist’s office several times each year because you have developed cavities.

Speaking of the dentist, you should schedule a cleaning twice each year. The hygienist might take x-rays on some of these visits. The dentist will assess your current oral health and work out a plan to get any problems corrected. It’s wise to look for a clinic that has an emergency dentist in Kingston, available after hours in case of any emergency where you experience dental pain.

If you have partial dentures, you need to keep them and your mouth clean. The surrounding teeth experience additional stress when you have missing teeth. When neglect occurs it can result in more teeth being pulled. Use products designed for dentures in order to keep them in good condition. Don’t ever brush them with your toothpaste and toothbrush.

Doing so can damage the surface of the denture.

If you experience dry mouth, use a mouthwash formulated to help. Avoid those that contain alcohol because they can further dry your mouth. Remember that a dry mouth can exacerbate some oral health problems, including halitosis.

Entering your senior years is a wonderful time of life where you can kick back and let your hair down, so to speak. But that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your health.

Just as you bathe regularly and see your primary care physician for an annual checkup, you should also tend to your teeth twice daily and visit the dental office for a deep cleaning two times per year.